Auto Parts That Commonly Need Replacement

current eventIf you want to get the most out of your vehicle one of the best places to start is by checking up on what’s under the hood. We talk about cars like they are singular machines but they are only actually able to do their job due to a complex chain reaction that involves dozens of pieces that need to work properly. Just about every vehicle owner understands this but eventually complacency sets in and people start to simply assume that all their parts are in working condition, until something goes noticeably wrong.

Some auto parts are likely to outlive the lifetime of your car while others need to be replaced once a year. The best thing to do is regularly check on the parts in your car to see if they are in good condition but if you don’t want to invest the time or money needed to check each part then you should focus on the parts that most commonly need replacement, which is what this article will be looking at.


The combustion process happening inside your car’s engine as you drive can be messy. Both the oil and the air used need to be properly filtered if you want to keep your engine running in good condition.

Your oil and oil filter should be changed simultaneously to save time, change them every three months or three thousand miles and you will be in good shape. Air filters need to be changed less frequently, after driving for three years or forty thousand miles replacement is a good idea.


If you can’t see then you can’t drive safely and lights are an absolute necessity for driving after dark and in low-light situations caused by poor weather conditions. This is pretty basic stuff, most people know that they need to get their head and tail lights replaced when they go out but if you want to be as safe as possible you should consider getting them replaced when they start to dim.

Most auto parts don’t give out at once, they deteriorate over time in ways that can be very subtly. Most lights don’t immediately go from bright as new to broken in an instant, they dim over months and years. While driving with dim lights isn’t as dangerous as driving with no lights it is still less safe than driving with lights that are working properly.

Wiper Blades

Like lights wiper blades are essential for safe driving in less than optimal conditions. Most people know that they have to replace their wiper fluids but you should also remember that wiper blades need to be replaced regularly too if you want your windshield to be as clear as possible when rain starts pouring down.

How often you need to replace your blades depends on how often you use them and what the weather is like in your area. If weather gets very cold or hot your blades will damage easier and regular use will also wear them down. They should be replaced at least every other year although yearly changes can be a little bit safer. If you notice that your wipers aren’t leaving your windshield as clear as they once did then it’s time to start considering a replacement.


There are few things as frightening as pushing down on the brakes and realizing that nothing is happened. The good thing is that you can avoid this problem by taking proper care of your brake fluid and brake pads.

Change the fluid at least once every two years or twenty five thousand miles, whichever comes first. Things are less clear-cut when it comes to the pads, the more you use the brakes and the heavier the vehicle is the more often you will need to change them. Changing them after four years or forty thousand miles is a rough average but the best thing to do is get them checked yearly to make sure you know what sort of condition they are in.

Keeping An Eye On Every Part Of Your Car

For each of the parts that we have looked at we have given a rough estimate for when they need to be changed. While these numbers can be helpful they aren’t definitive, some parts will last longer than expected and some will give out with little warning. If you want to get the most of your vehicle you will keep an eye on the condition of these parts, and if you don’t feel you can make these sort of judgements then bring your vehicle to professionals for help.

It’s also important to note that these aren’t all the auto parts that might need to be replaced over the lifetime of your car. Ultimately every piece of your vehicle can be replaced and might need to in the future, from filters to mufflers. If your car is relatively new then you should be fine focusing on these parts but the older your car gets the more likely it is that other parts will require replacement. At OakleyNAPA we’ll help you with any part that you might need replaced or serviced.

No one wants to pay to replace parts that might still have life in them but you need to compare the cost of a new part with the cost of a new car. For the price of replacing an oil filter you could avoid buying a new engine and for the price of new headlights you might avoid replacing a crashed car.

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