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Your Battery Light Could Signal More Than a Dying Battery

jumper-cablesHave you recently noticed your battery light coming on, on your dash? If so, you likely thought that your battery was dying. It’s a natural assumption. However, what most people don’t realize is that there are a lot of different things that can signal this light to go off. If your battery light is on, or comes on now and again, take note. You may be facing one of these issues in the near future.

The Alternator Can Signal Numerous Problems

If your battery light is going on, it could mean that your battery is unable to hold a charge.… Continue reading

The Belts That Keep Your Vehicle Running

OakleyNapa auto partsIn this day and age people think of computers when they hear the word technology. The modern electronics we use on a daily basis are so sophisticated and difficult to understand that they might as well be magic. But despite what many think a large number of our hardest working machines still use basic principles of engineering, which is the reason why we still find belts in our engines.

First it has to be noted that while you might hear people talk about the belt in their engine there are actually two different types of belts that might be… Continue reading

Ways To Save Money Through Automotive Care

DIY mechanicIf you are like many Americans you depend on your automobile. Most of us can’t do the things they need to do without our car, whether you need to get groceries, pick up the kids or go to work having a running vehicle is a necessity. And yet it is easy to forget all of this when your car is running perfectly. The false sense of security that comes from a well running car has gotten many people in trouble once their car has stopped working and they realize that they don’t have the money for necessary repairs.

You don’t… Continue reading