Winterizing a Vehicle

What You Need In Your Car In Case It Snows

a street in winter with parked carsWhile snow in the Florence, Alabama area is rare, it isn’t unheard of. They are saying this winter is going to be colder and snowier than most of the winters in history. If that happens to be true, you are going to need to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the potential of getting stuck in a snow bank or slipping off the road. Here are some of things that folks that are used to snow, make sure are in their vehicles during the winter months, just to be on the safe side.

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What You Should Know About Snow Chains

snow chainsWatching the snowfall from behind the windows of a warm house can be a relaxing experience. Watching the same snow from behind the windshield of your highway bound car can be one of the most stressful driving experiences there is. Snow doesn’t just obscure vision; it also makes it harder for tires to grab on to the road. To solve this issue with traction, snow chains were invented.

Rubber tires can usually get a good grip on asphalt roads, but when there’s a layer of snow between the road and the tires things can get slippery. When chains are added… Continue reading

5 Items You Should Have In Your Car This Winter

33379253_sWinter is coming, and as the temperature drops the roads can become more dangerous to the unprepared driver. It’s hard enough to deal with automotive problems when the weather is warm outside, in the winter the simplest issues can turn into painful ordeals.

To avoid trouble and keep hassle to a minimum you should take the time to prepare before you hit the road. Let’s look at five things you should pack in your car before you hit the road this winter. The right planning could potentially save you.


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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Cold

37285057_sIt’s that time of the year where the days are getting shorter, leaves are dropping to the ground and the temperature is falling. When it gets cold outside you know that you should start wearing long sleeves for your own safety, but did you know that there are things you should do to keep your car in top condition?

The cold affects your car just like it affects your body. Your car or truck may not complain if you leave it out in the cold, but that’s all the more reason to act proactively to make sure you’re safe on… Continue reading