Common Mechanic Terms to Know When Getting Your Car Fixed

 smiling woman client satisfied with mechanic's resultWhen you need to take your car into the mechanic, it can be a worrisome prospect. This becomes an even bigger problem if you don’t understand some of what your mechanic is telling you. Here is a simple breakdown of some of the terms that most mechanics use, and what they mean. Instead of being worried about getting the right repairs, know what is going on and feel empowered during the situation.

Mechanics Terms Aren’t Often Complicated

Alignment means that your vehicle needs to have something straightened out, typically the wheels. Once the wheels are straightened out, your vehicle likely won’t pull to one side or the other anymore.

The braking system consists of many different parts, including the drum, rotors, pads, and more. Each of these items needs to be working properly in order for your vehicle to stop when you depress the brake pedal.

The valves are the part of your engine that are responsible for controlling how much fuel (or other liquid within the engine) goes through your engine when it starts and runs. If your valves aren’t putting the right amount of fuel into your engine, it either won’t start, or won’t stay running.

A gasket within your engine can crack or blow at any time, as it is just a really thin material that is squished between two flat engine surfaces, creating a really tight seal. This material lasts a long time, but eventually wears out with use, just like any other part of your engine can.

Lube is short for lubrication, and this can refer to many parts of your vehicle. It is simply a thin film of some type of liquid that allows for movement with little, or no, friction. This can be anything from oil to grease, and many things in between.

When a mechanic is talking about the timing of your vehicle, typically they are talking about the belt that moves your engine around, allowing it to start. When the timing belt is worn or broken, your engine isn’t going to respond. However, it could also be referring to your timing light, which allows for the timing of the vehicle to be spot-on when you go to turn the engine over.

Some mechanics will refer to aftermarket parts. These are parts that are put on after taking receipt of your vehicle from its manufacturer. These can include parts that are meant to boost performance, or just to look cool when you are driving.

If a mechanic says your vehicle dives when you brake, it means that when you put your foot on the brakes, the front part of your vehicle sinks closer to the ground. This can signal different issues, but often the brakes are looked at first.

A common term for a mechanic to use is that your engine is knocking. An engine knock means that you are noisy vibrations in the engine, making an audible noise that needs to be looked at. Knocks that are left unchecked could ruin your engine.

Should you hear your vehicle needs to be put on a lift, it just means that your vehicle needs to be raised in the air for the mechanic to get a better look at what’s wrong with it.

Knowing what your mechanic is saying is important. Once you find out what’s wrong, you can head on over to your local Florence auto parts store, and get whatever you need to fix your vehicle. The next time you have to see your mechanic, go in knowing what the terms are so you know exactly what they’re telling you.

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