Farm Equipment Dealers in Florence, AL

mPOWER 85P Cab

Farm Equipment Dealers have been around forever. When it comes to farm equipment, our customers have different tastes and preferences, but we most likely cater for their differences through our large inventory. We deal in both new and used, durable precision range farm equipment. As farm equipment dealers based in Florence we have pride ourselves in customer service.  We sell a wide variety of farm equipment applicable in diverse agricultural purposes. We have specialized in all types and sizes of farm equipment. Since we always seek dealership with like-minded agricultural equipment manufacturing companies, we deal in major global market brands.

Why should you buy from us?

We let you buy with confidence. Before you can complete your purchase, we provide you with detailed information alongside close-up, high-resolution pictures of our farm equipment and attachments. After identifying your preferred equipment, you are welcome to visit our store where you will carry out an inspection and comparison of the equipment in person. Related farm equipment will be availed for easy selection. Our staff will then take you through the process of completing your purchase.

We Offer More than Farm Equipment

Do you need a skid steer, backhoe, or excavator? We offer you material lifters and handlers, compact machinery, and even construction equipment that you might need to complete your farm work. Since we
have a broad range of farm equipment, we guarantee that your agricultural operations will run undisturbed.

Innovative Farm Equipment

When initiating any dealership with a farm equipment manufacturer, we have to ascertain that the company is pro-innovation to ensure that our products are constantly in line with the changing technology. Therefore, we have made it our resolution to make sure that our farm equipment meets conventional and innovative designs for the greater good.

Leading Customer Service

Our core value is to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a team of friendly staff who will help you with your inquiries and purchase. We always ensure that we deal in different brands to cater for the different
preferences of our clients. With such a wide farm equipment collection, rest assured that we will provide what you are particularly interested in. In the event of the absence of what you are looking for, we take upon ourselves to search for and deliver the equipment to you.

Our customer commitment goes beyond with the purchase; it is our tradition to make a follow up to assess whether the equipment works efficiently.

Other benefits of buying from us include;

• Offer great deals on used farm equipment and surplus inventory
• Have a wide range of farm equipment
• Allow you to inspect and compare equipment before you complete the purchase
• Offer great value for your money through high-quality farm equipment

Contact Oakley Equipment at any time, and let our friendly staff help you in selecting your preferred farm equipment. You can also visit our stores in Florence, Alabama to identify and purchase your dream farm equipment.

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