Gravely, ExMark and Cub Cadet Zero-turn Mower Dealers in FLorence, AL 

Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale Florence ALThere is a lot of potential hidden in your yard. We are here to help you unlock this potential through our award-winning zero-turn mowers. We deal in Cub Cadet, Gravely, and ExMark mowers, and we are based in Florence, Alabama. The popularity of zero-turn mower technology has increased as these mowers enable you to easily mow around barriers with remarkable confidence. These brands have designed mower models which feature their steering control innovation; therefore, you will enjoy mowing your hillside with a lot of stability and reduced mowing time. Select any of our brand models, and let our mowers show their strength turn after turn for beautiful results.

Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mowers

Furthermore, while talking about innovation is one thing, adopting it is another. Cub Cadet’s innovation has been backed up for decades in the art of mower technology development. We deal in Cub Cadet-pioneered mowers with patented Synchro-Steer technology. This technology describes a dual hydrostatic transmissions system. This synchronizes with control of the steering wheel to enable users to experience great stability, ease of use, and true zero-turn maneuverability.

Cub Cadet takes pride in their first zero-turn mower release, and are known as the first-ever manufacturers to have used heavy-duty automatic transmission technology.

Such is the PRO Z 100 Mower Series which is designed with additional strength, overall package specs and features. Cub Cadet Riders are subject to a six-month testing period to test product efficiency and to determine whether the mower can offer users comfort even under difficult mowing conditions. A range of beneficial features designed into Cub Cadet Zero-turn mowers such as the PRO Z 100 Series include;

Benefits of Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mowers

  • Construction with fully-reinforced frames as well as Triple Guard fabricated decks characteristic of 7, 10, and 11-gauge steel layers
  • The 3-position, spring-loaded lock ROPS that is easily adjustable, with an automotive-grade system geared towards corrosion defense
  • Kohler Confidant EFI engines with high fuel efficiency. The engines are available on 48-inch, 54-inch, and 60-inch deck models
  • A Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 that features 12cc and 16cc pump and wheel motor design respectively to offer you responsive ground speed reaching a maximum of 10mph
    • An additional 500 feet-per-pound torque which ensures fast and smooth control over the steering wheel for little effort and fatigue as well as enhanced response for unmatched hillside stability and quicker cutting
  • Standard suspension seat, easy deck lift, intuitive control panel, and roomy operator station for lesser operator fatigue
  • 2-year product warranty

With a budget of $6,500, you can own a Pro Z 100 Series mower.

Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers

Gravely has done business for over a century and are constantly driven to improved products and the desire to care for their customers. For these reasons, professional landscapers turn to us to provide them with equipment that helps them actualize their goals. We deal in Gravely Zero-turn mowers which offer exceptional comfort and  are designed with rock-solid dependability to get your work completed in the right and quick way.

Among the different Gravely Zero-turn mowers in our store are the zero-turn mowers which feature smarter components, more intuitive controls, and offers you a smoother ride. Popular Gravely mowers come in 52, 60, and 72-inch decks and either a Kohler EFI or Kawasaki engine.

The mowers have a constant belt tensioning system which enhances the generation of consistent blade speed, improvement of engine efficiency, and elimination of belt slippage. Therefore, avoiding pulley and belt damage, and the reduction of the load for longer engine life and reduced fuel consumption. The constant belt tension system feature also enhances spring adjustment elimination for faster mowing. Recent mower models have new deck-level systems with exclusive designs which demand a 4-point adjustment thereby reducing parts by half.

Why should you purchase our Gravely Zero-turn mowers?

• Presence of custom-made seats for more comfort and support
• A new X-Factor II Deck with a lifetime warranty
• Improved control panel, discharge chute, mulching kit, and steering controls
• Presence of semi-pneumatic puncture-proof front tires

ExMark Zero-Turn Mowers

ExMark is among the manufacturers whose mowers are designed with leading zero-turn technology. As an ExMark mower dealer, we have been providing you with zero-turn mowers designed to surpass your digital diagnostic tool, reliability, quality, and performance expectations. Our ExMark mowers have over three decades of experienced gained in the mowing industry. This allows ExMark to supply the market with constantly innovative and evolving mowers.

Among the broad range of ExMark Zero-turn mowers available are the Quest Mowers which are suitable for your residential landscaping needs. The benefits associated with purchasing this mower include;

• Increased productivity
• High performance
• Professional-grade quality results
• Easy to maintain

Contact Oakley Equipment today, and get the best value from our zero-turn mowers that are sure to meet all your landscaping needs.

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