Helping Your Vehicle Smell Better in No Time

making a car smell good!After owning a car for a few years, it isn’t going to smell like a new car anymore. This is true no matter how often you clean it and how many car washes it has gone through. Instead of going to your nearest Florence auto parts store and getting a pretty-colored pinecone with a new car scent infused in it, there are other options. If you want your car smelling great, and don’t want to wait forever for the results, here are a few quick tips to improve the scent in your car.

Use Your Vents to Your Advantage

Find yourself a pinch-style clothespin (the slide-on style won’t work), and a few cotton balls, pom poms, or even a thin sponge. Glue the absorbent material to the top of the clothespin and let it dry. Place it on the vent of your vehicle, right where the air will pass by it. Then, use whatever essential oil you prefer on the absorbent material. Start off with five drops, and see how strong the scent becomes. If you want it stronger, add another few drops. Once your vents kick on, the scent will permeate the far corners of even the largest vehicle.

Scent Boosters from the Grocery Store Can Work

If you go down the laundry aisle at your local grocery store, you will find quite a few brands of scent boosters. These are great ways of improving the scent of everything from your vehicle to your home. You have a few different options when it comes to helping improve the scent in your vehicle. Place the pellets into a mason jar with a cheesecloth lid, and set the jar into your cup-holder. Use a small sachet bag and put the pellets in there, then hang it from your rearview mirror or another clothespin on your vents. Or, you can use any small piece of fabric that you have at home, tie a few of the pellets into the fabric, and slide it beneath the seat in your vehicle. Want a stronger scent? Add a few more pouches under the seats.

Keep High-Quality Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Another way of helping to improve the smell of your car is to make sure you get high-quality cleaning supplies from your local Florence auto parts store. Set a routine to keep your vehicle clean and maintained, as this will decrease the chances of forming bad smells, and keep your car smelling like the cleaning supplies, which is often much more pleasant. Make sure you buy a cleaner for the windows and chrome, a spray for the fabric within the vehicle, and a cleaner for the dash and other vinyl or leather surfaces within your vehicle.

Plus, you want to make sure you vacuum it out at least once each week, as those little crumbs can be really hard to get out, but can be very large sources of smells in your vehicle. If you don’t want to go to a gas station or car wash and pay for the vacuum each week, then get yourself a good little auto-face the next time you are at the auto parts store. Many come with a bunch of small nozzles that help you get into the tight spaces inside your vehicle, to help get the problem areas.

If you need more ideas on how to keep your vehicle smelling nice, then talk with the people at Oakley Napa. They carry all sorts of options to help your vehicle smell pleasant, plus they carry the cleaners that you should be using to keep your vehicle clean. Take care of your vehicle, and it will take care of you, too.

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