Keeping Your Car Cool In The Summer Heat

OakleyNapa auto partsThis summer has been one of the hottest in memory and even with fall around the corner it’s still worth thinking about how you can keep your car from overheating while the sun is still beating down on it., whether you’re in it or not
The most obvious concern is keeping you and your passengers nice and cool even as the temperatures outside are high. But if you are serious about safety and the condition of your car you also need to think about the temperature under your hood. Even in the winter months your engine can overheat so you want to take special care to keep it in its sweet spot when the sun is doing its worst.

So lets look at what you can do to keep your car at a manageable temperature even when the heat outside is going crazy.


Take Care Of Your Radiator


Your engine is going to be working hard to keep your radiator from overheating and you want to help it in any way you can. You want to make sure that the coolant level is good. Some people think they don’t need to use antifreeze during the summer because nothing is likely to freeze but this isn’t the case, you still want to mix a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze coolant and water in the summer because antifreeze helps fight corrosion. You should also try and use pure water in your mixture, distilled water is worth the cost.


Just adding more fluids isn’t going to complete the job. Eventually you will need to drain, flush and completely replace your radiator fluid if you want to ensure top performance. You only need to do this once every year and doing it at summer time will help you stay on schedule.


Start Your Car Up The Right Way


One of the worst things to deal with as a car owner this time of the year is getting into a car after it’s been left out in the sun for a while. Even if you’ve been maintaining it properly it is going to get heated by the sun, so what do you do to cool it down as quickly and effectively as possible?

Whether you have an A/C system or not you should roll down the windows quickly. This lets the air that has been trapped inside and heated up out and just the process of circulating new air in and old air out will decrease the temperature. You should also make sure that you set your A/C system to bring in fresh air since it will also help replace the old, heated air.

In the beginning you want to blast the A/C on full with fresh settings, but with time the inside will cool down and you should switch to have the system to resume recirculating air at a lower speed after the air inside is cooler than the air outside.


Protect Your Car From The Sun


The feeling of wrapping your hands around a steering wheel that has been heated up is one no one wants to feel, yet many people feel it on a daily basis. There are a few ways to keep the interior of your car from getting too heated and you should use them if you don’t want to feel your hands burning when you touch the wheel.
Invest in a sun shield. This is an accessory you put in your windshield that protects the interior from direct sunlight, so it doesn’t get too hot. It doesn’t decrease the temperature all that much but it keeps metal and black objects from getting super heated.

When it comes to your steering wheel consider purchasing some sort of covering made of a less conductive material. Covering your metal wheel can be a big upgrade and lighter colors instead of darker ones can also help you use the wheel sooner without the pain.


Go With A Thicker Oil


As the heat goes up switching out the oil in your engine for something thicker can be a good idea, but you need to be careful not to go too thick. People have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another, if you’re using 5W oil now then switching to 10W is a workable change. ultimately you want to check your owner’s manual or do further research to see what thickness is recommended by the company that manufactured your car, every make and model has unique needs.


Keeping Your Cool In The Summer Heat

When it comes to keeping cool every little bit helps. The most important thing is simply being mindful about what’s going on and thinking ahead. Lots of people get in their hot car every day and promise that they will do something to improve their situation but end up doing nothing once they get home.

If you take the time to think these suggestions over and visit OakleyNAPA to stock up on the parts, supplies and accessories needed to cool your car then you’ll be way ahead of the other people out there suffering every day. Don’t let the heat get to you, now that you know what to do it’s time to put these tips to use and improve your quality of life on the road.

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