Repair Your Vehicle Immediately Following Any Type of Accident

accident famage to carGetting into a crash can be terrifying. You look around to make sure everyone is alright. Then, you have to make sure to get a police report, and contact your insurance. However, you also need to make sure your vehicle is safe. If your vehicle was totaled, then you obviously know your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. But what should you do if your vehicle still starts and drives? Should you continue to drive it? The simple answer is no.

Your Vehicle Could Have Damage That Isn’t Obvious Right Away

During an accident, your vehicle has to do a lot of compensating. Different areas of the vehicle crumple upon impact, as they are designed to do that. However, some of those parts only crumple slightly. This can leave those auto parts weakened and prone to further disintegration. The colder the weather gets, the more this happens. With the fact that this year is supposed to be bitter cold, even here in Florence, Alabama, this could cause some of the parts of your vehicle to disintegrate to where they become dangerous.

Even if everything about your vehicle looks totally fine and none of the fluids are leaking from your vehicle following an accident, it doesn’t mean your vehicle is truly safe to drive. You may begin seeing leaks a few days, or even a few weeks after the accident. Some of the damage may be internal, where you will never notice the problem from finding a drip or a spot beneath your car. If your brake line got pinched in the accident, you may not realize the problem until you are driving later and go to stop, but the brakes don’t respond. You and your family never want to be in that situation, nor does anyone driving around you should anything go wrong.

What You Need to Do Following an Accident

After an accident, you should have your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic. You want them to look over your vehicle from top to bottom. It may be something that takes them a couple of hours, but it is worth them taking that time to ensure that your vehicle is completely safe. Any areas of your vehicle that were damaged during the accident need to be tended to, or may need to be replaced.

Each system of the vehicle needs to be thoroughly tested, and each of the fluids needs to be checked. The mechanics need to be checked for levels and to make sure those levels don’t fluctuate signaling a problem, plus they need to check and make sure that the fluids are not combining together from a crack inside the engine itself. None of these problems would be obvious to the untrained eye, but would lead you directly into an unsafe situation if not corrected.

Don’t underestimate the damage that can happen during an accident, even a minor one. Your vehicle is designed to take some of the impact to protect you. Even a tiny accident could leave your car damaged enough to become unsafe on its own with travel. Have a mechanic look over your vehicle after an accident, as soon as you can get the vehicle in. You should avoid driving the vehicle until it has had a thorough check to ensure that you and your family will be safe traveling in it. While it may appear to be totally sound, the damage under the hood or inside the mechanicals of your engine of your vehicle could make it to where to where simply driving isn’t safe. If you need help after an accident, come see us at Oakley Napa for help looking over your vehicle, and for all of your Florence auto parts needs.

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