Are You Looking for a Quality Lawn Mower From a Trusted Dealer?

Oakley Equipment Lawn Mowers for SaleA well-cut lawn is a sight to behold, and effective lawn mowing begins with Riding Lawn Mowers Florence AL. We understand that taking care of your lawn means putting in a lot of effort. To specifically address this issue we have stocked the very best of zero turn lawn mowers from Gravely, Exmark, and Cub Cadet. In this write-up, we will discuss how our products can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to your lawn.

Operational Benefits of Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

There are several benefits of using zero turn lawn mowers as listed below:

Easy Maneuverability

If you have spent time with traditional lawn mowers, you would already know that they aren’t really easy to use. A great way to improve the user experience is by making the machine capable of moving in all directions – a whole 360-degree movement. This is possible with zero turn lawn mowers as they come built with dual motors. You can turn your lawn mower in whichever direction you want with simple handle movements that operate each rear wheel.

Long Lasting

Zero turn lawn mowers are built with premium materials and quality engines, enabling them out last longer than their traditional counterparts. What is more, the dual engines work in tandem and take the load off each other in beautiful harmony. This means that there is less wear and tear on the long run.

Time Saving

With the ability to move more freely than before, long time users will have a great time mowing their lawns with greater ease. In fact, our independent tests have shown that users can expect to save around 30 minutes on average per session. What is more? They do a cleaner job at it and save you loads of fuel.

Brands That We Stock


Gravely have been hugely successful in the commercial lawn mower market with their high quality zero turn machines. They have been in the business for over a 100 years and we take great pride in selling their products.


Notoriously popular for their long-lasting and hardest working lawn mowers, ExMark’s mowers are perfect for every homeowner no matter how big of lawn their yard may be. They are also great at fuel efficiency and will suit users on a budget.

Cub Cadet

Being put through a rigorous testing process, each of Cub Cadet’s lawn mowers guarantee premium performance and durability. We couldn’t be happier than to have them onboard at our dealership.

We also provide financing options and generous warranties on every purchase. Our motto is helping you find the best machine possible for your yard care.

If you are interested in knowing more about zero turn lawn mowers or the brands that we sell, contact us and we will have our support staff address any questions you have. You can also call us or visit our store in Florence, AL to take a look at our brand new models first hand.
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