What to Look for in Small Tractor in Florence, AL 

Mahindra Small Tractor Florence ALOwning a small tractor is necessary to complete a broad range of tasks. In fact, if you seek to invest in a small farm tractor, it is important that you settle for the best, yet most affordable model. Sufficient traction and power is imperative to work your home or agricultural opertaion.

Undeniably, there are many brands of tractors in the market today, with most of these tractors failing to offer the promised performance. However, you can put your trust on our Mahindra compact tractors to not only deliver to your expectations but also surpass them. With the renown of an international agricultural tractor brand, Mahindra is recognized as one of the top tractor manufacturers with a wide tractor and attachment variety for your home or farm.

Is there any reliable Mahindra tractor dealer in Florence, AL?

If you are ready to own a Mahindra small tractor, and you reside in Florence, or any other part of the state of Alabama, Oakley Equipment is the Mahindra tractor dealer to check out. We pride in our authorized dealership in Mahindra tractors and attachments.

We have earned the recognition of most clients as a dealer who offer outstanding customer service. Our staff team is friendly and immensely knowledgeable and consists of sales members, professional technicians, and qualified parts and accessories experts. Our team is dedicated to serving you. At Oakley Equipment, it is our desire to meet customer satisfaction.

Our Small Tractor Selection from Mahindra

We have a large Mahindra Tractor inventory which is suitable for both homeowners and farmers. Some of the small tractors that we deal in are;

eMax Series

These are small, versatile, and handy tractors. Whether you have work to in your home or farm, eMax small tractor series are just appropriate. Sample models include;

  • 22S HST
  • 25S HST 
  • 22S gear
  • 25S HST cab

Max Series

These small tractors are designed with total industry redefinition. These tractors are mid and sub-compact, and they offer plenty of power and ultimate versatility for your work. Models here include;

  • 24 4WD HST
  • 26XL 4WD HST

1500 Series

This entails a compact tractor line recommended for ranchers and landscapers or any other user with the need to lift heavy loads with a lesser footprint. The models covered include;

  • 1526 4WD HST
  • 1526 4WD shuttle
  • 1533 HST
  • 1533 shuttle
  • 1538 HST, 1538 HST with cab and 1538 shuttle

2500 Series

You might be attracted to these economical tractors for their ease of operation. As 4WD machines, these tractors will enable you to complete your grounds maintenance, livestock operations, and general farming
quickly. The 2500 Series comes in several models listed below.

  • 2565 shuttle with cab
  • 2555 shuttle, 2555 shuttle with cab and 2555 HST cab
  • 2538 HST

3500 Series

The premium 3500 Series compact tractors have access to super-powered 4WD performance. These small tractors also provide the gusto needed for either medium or heavy agricultural work. Models include;

  • 3540 4WD HST
  • 3540 4WD PST

4500 Series

These are rugged tractors that are high-powered to complete your medium duty tasks across your general rural lifestyle, specialty agriculture, grounds maintenance, and material handling. Here, you can find the;

  • 4540 2WD and 4WD 
  • 4550 2WD
  • 4565 2WD

5500 Series

These tractors are your ultimate utility machines suitable for a wide task variety. Available models include;

  • 5555 2WD and 4WD 
  • 5570 2WD and 4WD shuttles

Whichever Mahindra tractor you settle for, one thing is certain; you will find the tractor tough, dependable, and value-packed. Contact us with inquiries, and let our support and staff take you through the process of identifying a small tractor that suits your needs and budget.

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