Sub-Compact Tractors: The Perfect Fit for Small Jobs

Max 24 4WD HSTSub-Compact Tractors are Mighty Fine for Small Jobs

You need a sub-compact tractor at some point in your farming or landscaping career. If you want something more multipurpose and a bit smaller than a compact tractor, contact a farm implement dealer in Florence AL, like Oakley Napa. Most dealers have sub-compact tractors in stock or can order one for you. Look for tractors that have the features of a compact tractor but do more than the regular garden or lawn tractor.


Why You Need a Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Mow your yard, especially if it is over an acre
  • Move dirt around
  • Level the ground with a specialized blade
  • Dig post holes with a post hole attachment
  • Take advantage of the cab to stay cool or warm
  • Snow removal from driveways, parking lots, or large paved areas

You realize why you need a sub-compact tractor, but now you want to know what to look for when buying a sub-compact. Here’s where it gets a bit technical but necessary.

What to Look for in a Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Horsepower. Grade your subcompact tractor’s engine by graded by horsepower. When purchasing a good tractor, you need to look for the power rates ranging 18 to 28. Remember that more horsepower does not mean more work gets done.
  • The number you really need is the PTO HP. These initials are the usable power for operating your tractor and its attachments. The horsepower moves from the engine to the shafts located at the rear or middle of the tractor. Live PTO is a mechanical transmission, gear driven and clutch operated.
  • You can also purchase a subcompact tractor powered by a hydraulic system and driven by a multi-disc clutch. The engagement system is simple; it is a lever or an electric switch system. The system you want depends on what you are going to do with the tractor and your budget.
  • Next on your list should be the hydraulic pump system. Your hydraulic system keeps everything from the steering to the loaders and attachments working. You can purchase a tractor with a single pump system or dual pump that gives you an efficient flow of hydraulics making your tractor easy to operate.
  • Consider the hitch system. Make sure you have a three-point hitch. Two points lift the arms, and one point is the top link that controls the angle of your implements. Having this type of hitch system will give you the versatility to mow, dig, pound, and flatten.

Go over the safety features with the dealer. Keep an owner’s manual within easy reach. Check out the roll over protection system and follow the specifications.

All of the these things need to be considered when purchasing your next sub compact tractor. Our qualified team of experts is happy to help you with this purchase and assist you every step of the way. Stop by Oakley Napa today and test drive any of our Sub Compact Tractors and see the power stowed away in these small tractors.

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