Taking Care Of Your Exhaust System

  • OaleyNapa exhaustThe exhaust system is one of the most under appreciated parts of a working automobile. The parts that make it up may not look the coolest and the fact that they don’t move makes them easy to overlook but they play an essential role nonetheless. Without a properly working exhaust system drivers and their passengers would breathe in dangerous vapors and people in the streets would have to listen to the loud and obnoxious sound of an unmuffled engine.

Taking care of your exhaust system is essential if you want your vehicle to run properly. In this article we will look at what the exhaust system is, the first signs of problems with your exhaust system, and what you can do to keep it in top condition.

The Parts Of An Exhaust System

As the name implies an exhaust system isn’t a single part, it’s a series of interconnected parts that works together to deal with the exhaust vapors produced by a running engine. The three basic parts of an exhaust system are the intake mechanism, catalytic converter and muffler.

The intake can be further divided into two parts, exhaust produced by the engine passes through the cylinder head into the exhaust manifold. From there modern exhaust systems lead to a catalytic converter that helps fight pollution by lowering the toxicity level of exhaust fumes. Finally the exhaust goes through a muffler, which is a sort of soundproofing mechanism that makes the vehicle run at a lower sound level. In addition to these parts most modern automotive exhaust systems include a supercharger between the intake and the catalytic converter, which helps get more energy out of the engine.

While these basic parts are present in just about every exhaust system it’s important to understand that these systems vary from vehicle to vehicle. The exhaust system in a truck might be different from the exhaust system in a motorcycle and both are going to be different from the exaust systems used for aquatic vehicles. If you want to repair or maintain the exhaust system in your vehicle then you should learn the specifics about what it’s made up of.

Signs To Watch Out For

Regular maintenance can help you avoid many of the problems that might arise with your exhaust system but whether you carefully maintain it or ignore it you should pay attention for signs that something might be going wrong. Lets look at what some of these signs might be.

If you smell something odd inside your car your exhaust system may be leaking and if you’ve got fumes coming into your car then you need to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Listen to your engine and muffler and if you notice that anything sounds odd then you should check out your system. Pops and hisses could mean that there are holes that are leading to leaks while rattling could be a sign that the mounting has been damaged and the muffler or exhaust pipe needs to be reattached.

Keep track of fuel efficiency because if you find that it’s getting worse then you might have problems with your exhaust system. Even if you don’t end up catching a problem with the exhaust system it’s worth paying attention to your fuel efficiency because any problem that’s causing you to use unnecessary fuel could be costing you big.

Preventing Exhaust System Problems

Exhaust systems in modern cars are better than ever in terms of efficiency but they are also more complex and expensive. If you want to keep your vehicle running while keeping costs low then it’s best to work proactively.

Your exhaust system is at the mercy of the rest of your engine, if your engine isn’t properly maintained then it will pump problematic fumes into your exhaust that are more likely to clog up your catalytic converter and cause it to fail. By properly maintaining and tuning your engine you can protect both your engine and your catalytic converter.

It’s also important to simply take the time to examine your exhaust system from time to time. Upon close examination you may find that it is secured through methods that seem more flimsy than you might expect. If anything holding your system together becomes broken or loosened then you should get it replaced as soon as possible, replacing a few pieces of metal or screws can save you a lot of money if it keeps the more costly parts of the system from breaking off from the car or getting damaged by uneven or cluttered roads.

Paying Proper Attention To Your Exhaust System

There is a lot more you can learn about your exhaust system and how to take care of it but by simply thinking about it you’ve taken an important first step. Too many people ignore the system as a whole until something goes catastrophically wrong and they are forced to learn about it.

By taking the time to learn about and look at your exhaust system and getting in the habit of checking on it from time to time you will be giving yourself an advantage over the average vehicle owner. Whether you think about it or not your exhaust system is doing an important job keeping you and the environment safe, take some time to see what you can do to keep it in good condition.

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