The Basics Auto Parts You Need to Know to Maintain Your Car

north alabama auto partsCars are complicated machines, but there are some basic bits of information that every car owner should keep in mind. The more you are able to do yourself, the less you need to rely on the services of others to keep your car on the road. Not all parts of the car are complicated, so knowing some of them can keep you out of avoidable breakdown situations. Here are a few of the most basic parts that you should keep around, or at least know where you can get them replaced without having to wait days or weeks on end to get them.

The Battery of Your Car

The battery is the power center for your car. Your car relies on the battery to start up, and to keep the electrical components of your car working. It is continuously charged while you drive your car thanks to your alternator, but it does wear out eventually. If you notice that your car is struggling to start at times, it could be due to needing a new battery. These are easy to swap out, and most of the time, the friendly people at your local Florence, AL auto parts store will even help you if you are unsure.

Your Muffler

Most people don’t realize that their muffler isn’t working until all of a sudden, their car starts to make a lot more noise when its running. The muffler is there to not only muffle the noises coming off of the engine block, but also help to direct the fumes from the engine to come out at the back end of your vehicle without having to go through you and your passengers first. Fumes from the engine can be dangerous, so make sure your muffler is intact. Should it be making a significant amount of noise, you may need to replace it.

The Belts Within Your Engine

One of the easiest components within the engine to act up is any one of the many belts. They turn many different components within the car, depending on what they are connected to. You are likely to hear a squeal if one of your belts is starting to be too loose, and that’s the belt’s way of telling you to replace it before it breaks. These are easy to find at most auto parts stores, and can often be replaced with very little engine know-how, but that is best to ask the service-people about when you are picking up the new belt.

Your Engine Has Numerous Filters

There are many different filters throughout your engine to help purify the different parts of your engine. You have air filters, transmission fluid filters, fuel filters, and more. Each of these filters has a specific amount of time that they are good for, and then they need to be replaced. You can get them quickly and easily at most auto parts stores, and most of them can be replaced within a very short amount of time, even for someone with nearly no experience on fixing or repairing engines.

When you are in need of any of these auto parts, contact your local Florence, AL auto parts store to pick them up in no time. If they do not have them in stock (which is a rarity), they can get them in quickly so that you can keep your car running properly without any hassles. Plus, if you need any help with those auto parts, the friendly service-people can help by offering tips to make swapping these parts out even easier!

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