A Look At The Three Major Types Of Lawn Mowers

types of lawn mowers at Oakley NAPAA yard is something to take pride in. It’s the first part of your property that people are likely to see. If you want your home to look good next to your neighbors choose a mower from Oakley NAPA. That’s why Oakley NAPA has several types of lawn mowers to choose from. Choose a mower that suits your needs and keeps you lawn looking nicely trimmed with minimal effort.

Since the original lawn mower emerged out of England in 1930 technology has taken the machine in a variety of different directions.

The Three Main Types of Mowers

The three main types of mowers on the market today are the push mowers, the riding mowers and the zero radius turn mowers. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and if you are in the market for a new lawn mower you should consider each of them before you start shopping so you can quickly and easily find the perfect mower.

Push Mowers

The push mower is the oldest type of mower. The original mower was a push mower, powered by the motion of the turning wheels. Some of you may remember this type of mower but the push mower has come a long ways. You aren’t likely to find human-powered mowers in stores anymore, now almost all push mowers are gas powered to make mowing faster and easier.

You can further break down push mowers into human-propelled and self propelled mowers. While all push mowers are designed to be as easy to push as possible they are still heavy and get harder to push as lawns get larger and more uneven. If you don’t want to push your mower on your own power alone make sure to get a self-propelled mower that will make the job that much easier.

The main advantages of push mowers are size and cost. If you’ve got a small yard you don’t need a large riding mower to get the job done in under an hour, and if you’ve got a small yard you probably don’t have space for a large mower. Remember that you need to have a place to store the mower when it isn’t in use. The smaller size comes with a smaller price tag, as push mowers are cheaper than riding mowers. The downside is that they take more effort to use, if you don’t like to spend a lot of time on your feet in the sun you might want to look for a different model.

Riding Mowers

After years of only cutting lawns with a push mower a new type of mower was born. Mowing large areas by pushing is difficult and slow work, which is why lawn workers and homeowners alike rejoiced at the arrival of the riding lawn mower.

Riding mowers are like small tractors with a blade under them for cutting grass. There are also some slightly more expensive models of riding lawn mowers that work like a tractor. They are perfect for people with larger lawns or people who want to mow themselves but don’t want to spend the whole time standing up.

Riding mowers do the work of a push mower with even more speed and ease. The downside is that these advantages come at a cost in terms of size and cost, riding mowers can be large and hard to store if you don’t have a garage or shed with free space.

Zero Radius Turn Mowers

At first sight you might think that zero radius turn mowers are just riding mowers with a different look. The main difference is actually in the name. Riding mowers are fine for going forward but they aren’t agile vehicles. This is why a zero-turn is so vital. Not so with a zero radius mower, as the name implies the mower can spin on a dime for complete control.

The basic design of these mowers is a circular base that contains the blades and the wheels needed for navigation. One big difference between models is the position the driver uses. Most zero radius mowers have chairs like a riding mower. There are also new standing models that allow the driver to get on and off more quickly.

You’ve probably already noticed the main benefit of this type of mower. It offers control and maneuverability that are better than a push mower, and speed and ease of a riding mower. Size and cost of this type of mower remain to be one of the downfalls. These mowers tend to be larger than riding mowers and are almost always more expensive. For these reasons zero radius turn mowers are most popular with lawn care professionals.

Picking The Right Mower For You

Any one of these different mower types might be right for you and your lawn. To decide which will work best for you consider your lawn, your budget and your personal needs. Large yards are tricky. If you desire to avoid unnecessary time spent on your feet a riding mower is the right choice. If you’ve got a small yard, don’t mind walking and want to save cash then go with a push mower. For lawn mowing businesses a zero-turn mower might be a great investment.

If you think these things over and still find yourself having a hard time deciding, check out different models. At OakleyNAPA we offer a variety of mowers from leading brands like Cub Cadet and Gravely. Whatever you want from your mower we have what you need.

Nothing adds to a home’s curb appeal quite like a cleanly cut yard. If you are a homeowner who wants to take care of your property, choose from these types of lawn mowers.

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