Tips Your Mechanic Wishes You Would Follow

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Caring for your vehicle doesn’t always mean going in for expensive repairs. Part of vehicle maintenance is taking the time to care for it regularly. This is more than kicking the tires and putting in gas. Most mechanics can tell you that they commonly see issues that could otherwise have been avoided. If you listen to their advice, you can often prevent problems, or catch them when they are easier (and cheaper) to repair. Here are some tips that your mechanic wishes you would follow through with, which can help your vehicle last much longer.

Keep an Eye on Your Oil

Over the last few years, you have likely noticed that when you go to your local Florence auto parts store, the oils are different. It used to be that basically all vehicles needed an oil change every 3,000 miles. Now, that depends on what type of oil you use. You may need an oil change every 3-5,000 miles, or every 5-7,500 miles. Some even go up to 10-15,000 miles between changes. With the extended periods of time available now, it is more important that it has ever been to keep an eye on how much oil you have. You need to check the levels at least once a week, more often if you have any type of a leak. Plus, you need to make sure you go in right at the time you need an oil change with these new longer-lasting oils. They tend to go from working alright to not working well in a short period of time right at that interval.

Don’t Ignore Your Tires

Unless there is a problem with your tires, many people overlook them regularly. They don’t check on their condition or pressure unless something is obviously off. Your mechanic really wishes that you would stop this practice. The more you take the time to care for your tires, the longer they will take care of you in return. Since you need to check your oil at least once per week, check your tires at the same time. Make sure they have the proper pressure, and look to ensure they are not getting worn down. If they are wearing unevenly, get them rotated to help them wear down the right way. Look for anything sticking out of your tires while you are there, as that only adds a few extra seconds to the time it takes. If you see a nail or screw in your tire, you may want to get it plugged before it causes a flat or a blowout.

Quit Ignoring Dashboard Lights!

One of the things that mechanics get frustrated with the most is people who have a dashboard light come on and they ignore it. Those lights are there for a reason. They are letting you know that a problem is starting or that you need to pay attention to something going on within your engine somewhere. Don’t ignore them. Instead, bring them into your local auto shop or to your Florence auto parts store and let them run the codes for you. It may be a five-minute fix, like simply replacing a sensor, or it could be a bigger problem, like the timing of your engine being off. The only way to know is to get it checked out before it gets worse!

Your mechanic knows more of what your vehicle needs than you likely do. Keep an eye on the simple parts that take a lot of abuse, so they can be repaired or replaced when necessary. The better they get maintained and the sooner those parts get replaced, the less it will cost and the less long-term damage they can cause your vehicle. When you need a part to maintain or repair your vehicle, turn to the experts at Oakley Napa, so you can keep your vehicle running perfectly for as long as possible.

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