Your Battery Light Could Signal More Than a Dying Battery

jumper-cablesHave you recently noticed your battery light coming on, on your dash? If so, you likely thought that your battery was dying. It’s a natural assumption. However, what most people don’t realize is that there are a lot of different things that can signal this light to go off. If your battery light is on, or comes on now and again, take note. You may be facing one of these issues in the near future.

The Alternator Can Signal Numerous Problems

If your battery light is going on, it could mean that your battery is unable to hold a charge. It could also mean that your battery is not getting charged by a dying alternator. When your alternator runs, it charges the battery of your vehicle for all of the different parts of your vehicle that run off battery power. If your alternator isn’t working right, it isn’t sending power to the battery to hold. You may need to replace your vehicle’s alternator if this is the case.

However, it may not be your alternator that is the actual problem. It could be the belt that your alternator runs with. The belt helps to provide the extra power to your battery. If your alternator is working fine, but the belt broke, your battery won’t be getting charged, and your light will come on. This can be a relatively easy fix for those that know their way around an engine. All you have to do is pick up the auto parts at your local Oakley Napa.

The Battery Could Still Be the Problem, But Not with Holding a Charge

If your battery light is coming on, your battery could still be the issue. However, it’s not the same as when your battery won’t hold a charge. Part of how your battery gets filled up is by being connected properly to the moving parts of the engine. If the connections have corroded or are loose, your battery isn’t going to receive the charge in the first place. Cleaning and tightening the connections may be all you need to do in order to get your battery back to working properly.

A Battery Light Could Also Signal an Electrical Issue

Occasionally, your battery light coming on could also signal a problem with the electricals of your vehicle. It could be a frayed wire, a broken signal relay, or even a blown fuse. The only way to know for sure which of these problems you are facing is to have a mechanic take a look at what is going on. They can look around and diagnose the problem, and even give you an idea about what it would cost to fix it.

If your vehicle is in need of a new battery, alternator, or other component to keep it running smoothly, then reach out to your local Florence auto parts specialists at Oakley Napa. They can not only help you order the parts you need to fix your vehicle, but they can also help you get the parts you need for someone else to fix your vehicle.

For those who aren’t sure what the problem is, they can also help you narrow down what might be going on with your vehicle. They service tons of different pieces of equipment and vehicles each year, so they know many of the common signs of a problem. Come in, talk to the experienced professionals, and let them give you their ideas of what might be wrong. You may be able to get an idea on how to correct your battery light for less than you expected!

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